Whilst the loss of life in Gaza amongst the civilian population is horrid, those who focus on it with a passion which has been say wholly absent in respect of say Syria (circa 170,000 dead in last 2 years) reveal their agenda. The passion and anger against Israel is driven by anti-semitism – nothing more or less. The demos here in London – where have these people been the last two years (?), show their true colours and it is not pretty.
Arabs killing arabs in huge numbers – including a significant number of Christians is apparently just fine. No problem…Meanwhile, no gays rights, nor pluralism throughout Arab states – again as per apparent campus and public opinion, no problem! But if Israel says “Hey guys stop throwing your rockets over the fence” (Gaza incidentally is Jew Free – well done them) then there is huge outcry – this is terrible by Israel, after all what is a 1000 or so rockets between friends. Meanwhile Hamas has spent years building tunnels INTO Israel – guess they like the place more than they admit whist deliberately embedding their military infrastructure in civilian population. You see by their narrative, Israel kills Palestinian civilians, that is a Hamas win too.
The West (Canada and Australia the exceptions) prevaricates or reverts to Israel critique modes and the merry-go round just plays round. It is all so very dull and if the West genuinely wanted to help the situation rather than propagate the same game, they would just let the sides get to it – but of course the UN has built a whole industry and employment apparatus on Palestine and the familiar record of anti-semitism, now repackaged 21c. in respect of state which is situate in 0.16% of the shining example of progression and achievement which is the Middle East is far too much fun to leave alone for long. So it just rolls on to the next round.